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Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati pass is a thrilling and challenging  trek in India. It is located at an elevation of 5320m above the sea level in Himanchal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with Pin Parvati pass having amazing view of natural scenic beauty in the icy mountain ranges of western Himalaya.  The trans Himalayan valleys of Spiti were once difficult to gain access to, but the route through Pin Parvati pass halves the distance between the Kullu and Spiti valleys. The crossover to the contrasting Pin Valley in Spiti adds a cultural spin to the trek making it even more attractive. This trek allows you to go through most of the ecosystems of these two very different areas. Be sure to have a rich and unforgettable experience of the Western Himalayas.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is known as a very tricky pass as it falls on high altitude and covered under frozen snow mountain for almost whole year. Risk and difficulty are common on Pin Parvati treks and the lengthy crossing fields between the surroundings and of course the heavy snowfall give the trek an adventurous notion every time.  A mixture of steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, snow-clad peaks and rugged passes, this 100km trek needs high trekking skills and can be completed in a course of 11 days.This would be one of the best trek you will experienced.


After breakfast, drive to Barshaini, the starting point of the trek. You will start your trek with a 3-4 hour walk through the woods, and reach the beautiful meadows of Kheerganga. After reaching the destination for the day, take a dip in the hot springs to wash off the fatigue of the trek, and eat scrumptious food at the dhabas nearby as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty around you.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep in your camp to gather energy for the next day.

Walk through lush green meadows as you continue your trek, while negotiating several ascents and descents. Most of the trek on this day will be through the forest, until you reach Tunda Bhuj. The massive granite cliffs overlooking the meadows are a sight to behold. Crossing the river using a jhula pul (pulley bridge) will be an experience in itself.

Enjoy an incredible overnight stay in tent.


The destination for this day will be Ody Thach. What makes this stretch exciting is a few tricky river crossings – Pandu Pul 2 and Pandu Pul 2. These ‘puls’ or bridges are gigantic boulder with a stone staircase on one side. Very careful maneuvering is required, and guides are there to assist as well. After crossing, it is a straight walk till Ody Thach, which is a beautiful meadow with the majestic Kullu Eiger peak overlooking it.

Spend the night in tents.

The trek on this day will be very enjoyable, as you walk alongside the river Parvati. Most of the terrain is flat, except towards the end of the trail, where you have to climb up a lateral moraine, which can take some effort. After the climb, spend some time gazing at the many small rivulets flowing across a vast expanse of even land. Mantalai lake is the  source of river Parvati.

Explore the area more, click photographs and set up camps to rest at night.

Spend the day resting, and getting your body to acclimatise, because you will have to push yourselves over the next few days. You can take photos, and engage with the other trekkers, before getting ready to sleep so you’re energized for the next day.

Get ready for a challenging day, as we leave the camp early in the morning. The adventure begins by wading through a few rivulets, and climbing a trail that is steep, and not well-marked.

You will traverse a moraine area towards the end, and will come out into a beautiful snow field, which, depending on weather conditions, will be the campsite for the night. After a brief rest, the guides will go on a recce trip to check the conditions for crossing the pass.

Feast your eyes on glaciers, snow fields, and moraines which surround the camp. You can even hear the sounds of an odd avalanche to thrill you even more. Sleep early tonight as you will have to make an early start the next day


Depending on weather and trail conditions, leave camp between 2:00-5:00 a.m. You will most probably be trekking completely on snow,dotted with rocks and lined with crevices. . After a steep climb, you will reach a col, after which you will walk through snow fields. There is an steep ascent of about one hour, after which you will finally reach the pass.

Congratulate yourself on reaching 17,000ft, because that is a huge achievement! After spending some time at the pass, get ready to begin your descent through snow fields and moraine sections to reach the Pin river in Spiti valley.  You will reach the campsite after another river crossing. Relax, exchange stories with the other trekkers, and enjoy a good night’s sleep in your tent.

The trek today will be long but very gentle. Enjoy the gorgeous landscape of Spiti with its multi-coloured mountains, vast open grasslands and the beautiful Pin river flowing by. You will be passing by some shepherd camps, and crossing a few streams as you hike.

Mudh village, with its barley fields, is situated at the base of a mountain, and you will get a chance to view it as you trek. Spend some time in the village and acquaint yourself with the local customs and traditions.

After some time, drive to Kaza, check into a hotel and enjoy a much deserved hot shower. Spend the night in the hotel.


Your amazing adventure trek comes to an end today! After breakfast, drive towards Manali via the Kunzum pass and Rohtang pass and continue your onwards journey.